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Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced Keygen

FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced: A Powerful Database Solution

FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced is a software application that allows you to create, manage, and share custom databases. It is the advanced version of FileMaker Pro 11, which offers more features and tools for developers and power users. FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X platforms, and can also be accessed from iOS devices using FileMaker Go.

In this article, we will explore some of the key features and benefits of FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced, and how it can help you create powerful and flexible database solutions.


Native Charting Capability

One of the new features in FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced is the native charting capability, which allows you to create eye-catching reports using bar, line, area, and pie charts. You can easily insert charts into your layouts, and customize them with various options, such as colors, fonts, legends, axes, labels, and more. You can also use charts to display data from related tables, summary fields, or calculations. Charts can help you visualize your data and reveal trends and patterns.

Snapshot Link

Another new feature in FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced is the Snapshot Link, which lets you save and share precise data views. A Snapshot Link is a file that contains the current layout, found set, sort order, and mode of a database. You can create a Snapshot Link by choosing File > Save/Send Records As > Snapshot Link. You can then email the Snapshot Link to other FileMaker users, or store it on your computer for later use. When you open a Snapshot Link, FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced will display the exact same data view as when it was created. Snapshot Links can help you share data with others, or save data views for future reference.

Easier Portal Filtering

FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced also makes it easier to filter portals for experienced developers. A portal is a layout object that displays related records from another table. You can use portals to show details of a record, such as invoices for a customer, or tasks for a project. In previous versions of FileMaker Pro, you had to create complex calculations or scripts to filter portals based on certain criteria. In FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced, you can simply specify a portal filter expression in the Portal Setup dialog box. The portal filter expression can be any valid calculation that returns a Boolean value (True or False). For example, you can filter a portal to show only invoices that are overdue, or tasks that are assigned to a specific user.

New Quick Find Search

FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced also introduces a new Quick Find search feature, which allows you to perform a Google-like search across multiple fields in your database. You can use the Quick Find box in the status toolbar to enter any text or number, and FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced will search for matching values in all the fields that are visible in the current layout. You can also use operators such as AND, OR, NOT, and "" to refine your search. Quick Find can help you find records faster and easier than using the traditional Find mode.

Streamlined User Interface in Table View

Finally, FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced also streamlines the user interface in Table View, which allows you to view and edit records in a spreadsheet-like format. In Table View, you can immediately create fields and start entering data without switching to Layout mode. You can also sort, resize, reorder, and hide columns, as well as add summary fields and subtotals. Table View can help you quickly enter and manipulate data in your database.


FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced is a powerful database solution that offers many features and tools for creating, managing, and sharing custom databases. Some of the key features include native charting capability, Snapshot Link, easier portal filtering, new Quick Find search, and streamlined user interface in Table View. FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced can help you create flexible and efficient database solutions for your personal or professional needs.

If you want to learn more about FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced, you can visit the official website, or download the product manuals and documentation. You can also try FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced for free for 30 days by downloading the trial version.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it informative and helpful.


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