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Where is God calling you to be?


 To define vocation simply, it's a call to something. We all have a vocation, one that is common to the whole of humanity and one that is particular to you. Everyone is called to holiness. Everyone is called to turn their hearts to God no matter where in life you are, young or old, scholar or laborer, rich or poor, firm believer or questioning the faith; God always loves you and will never stop calling you closer to himself. This is our primary vocation. 

When it comes to our particular vocation, this could be a call to marriage, priesthood, religious life, or dedicated single life. This call is more than a 'career choice' but the way in which God will fulfill our greatest potential to live out our primary vocation of holiness. No one vocation is better than the other, and it takes time and something called discernment, in order for us to navigate to the depths of ourselves in search for the place where God is calling. Discernment involves things such as prayer, spiritual discussions with mentors, learning about the different vocations, and an openness to God's will. 


Assist & Develop

We journey with people their discernment process to discover God's plan in their lives, and create materials, events and programs to help parishes, schools and other groups to promote vocations.


Provide & Coordinate

We offer opportunities for Discernment evenings, retreats, and occasions to visit Serra House, while also collaborating with Vocation Committees, Serrans, Knights of Columbus and other groups in efforts to promote vocations.


Recruit & Accompany

We place a particular focus on working with and screen men who have the desire to become Diocesan priests for the Diocese of San Bernardino.


*Credit to SB Diocese Vocations Office and All Saints Catholic Parish & St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Parish - Indiana*


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What's My Vocation?

 “What should I do with my life?” It’s a question on many hearts, maybe even our own. In this video, Father Mike Schmitz gives some direction that can lead to an answer for ourselves or someone we know. He shares how a vocation is more than just figuring out whether we’re called to married life or religious life, and it’s about more than just finding out what we like to do. As he breaks down three different types of vocation we all have, he draws a practical path we can follow to pursue holiness. 


Video credit to Father Mike and Ascension Presents

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Without A Clear Vocation

If you feel like you’re up life’s creek without a clear vocation, it's important to remember that there's only one goal worth pursuing, and that is to become a saint. But how do we do that? Fr. Mike lays out some straightforward guidelines on how to get there. Living virtuously, praying more, and actually making a decision when the time comes are some pieces of advice he offers to those who are struggling to find their calling in life. 


Video credit to Father Mike and Ascension Presents

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