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Tu Mujhe Soch Kabhi Full Song Female Version

Tu Mujhe Soch Kabhi Full Song Female Version

Tu Mujhe Soch Kabhi is a romantic song from the 2012 Bollywood movie Zindagi Tere Naam, starring Mithun Chakraborty and Ranjeeta. The song is sung by K.K and composed by Sajid-Wajid, with lyrics by Jalees Sherwani. The song expresses the longing of a lover who wishes that his beloved would think of him sometimes, even if she loves someone else.


The song has been popular among the fans of K.K and the movie, and has received over 1.1 million views on YouTube. The song has also been covered by various singers, including a female version by Swati Gautam, who uploaded her rendition on YouTube in 2018. Swati Gautam is a singer and songwriter from India, who has also performed in various live shows and events. Her version of Tu Mujhe Soch Kabhi has received over 12 thousand views and positive comments from the listeners.

In this article, we will compare and contrast the original version by K.K and the female version by Swati Gautam, and analyze how they differ in terms of vocals, music, and emotions.


K.K is known for his versatile and soulful voice, which can convey different moods and emotions with ease. In Tu Mujhe Soch Kabhi, he sings with a soft and smooth tone, which matches the romantic theme of the song. He also modulates his voice to express the pain and longing of the lover, especially in the high notes and the chorus. His voice blends well with the music and creates a soothing effect on the listeners.

Swati Gautam also has a melodious and sweet voice, which suits the female perspective of the song. She sings with a clear and confident tone, which shows her vocal skills and range. She also adds some variations and improvisations to the original melody, which makes her version more interesting and unique. She also conveys the emotions of the lover with her voice, but in a more subtle and gentle way than K.K.


The music of Tu Mujhe Soch Kabhi is composed by Sajid-Wajid, who are known for their catchy and upbeat tunes. The music of the song is simple and minimalistic, with mainly acoustic guitar, piano, drums, and strings. The music creates a romantic and serene atmosphere for the song, and complements the vocals of K.K. The music also changes its tempo and intensity according to the lyrics, which adds more dynamics and variation to the song.

The music of Swati Gautam's version is similar to the original one, but with some minor changes. She uses a different guitar chord progression, which gives a different feel to the song. She also adds some background vocals and harmonies, which enhance the melody and richness of the song. She also uses some sound effects, such as raindrops and thunder, which create a more dramatic and realistic effect for the song.


The emotions of Tu Mujhe Soch Kabhi are mainly of love, longing, sadness, and hope. The song depicts the feelings of a lover who loves someone deeply, but knows that she loves someone else. He wishes that she would think of him sometimes, even if he knows that it is impossible. He also hopes that she would never be hurt by her love, even if it means that he would suffer alone. The song expresses his unconditional love and devotion for her, despite knowing that he can never have her.

The emotions of Swati Gautam's version are similar to the original one, but with some differences. She sings from the female perspective of the lover, who also loves someone who loves someone else. She also wishes that he would think of her sometimes, even if she knows that he does not love her back. She also hopes that he would be happy with his love, even if it breaks her heart. The song expresses her selfless love and sacrifice for him, despite knowing that he can never be hers.


Tu Mujhe Soch Kabhi is a beautiful and touching song that portrays the feelings of a lover who loves someone unconditionally, but cannot have them. The song has been sung by K.K in the original version, and by Swati Gautam in the female version. Both versions have their own charm and appeal, and convey the emotions of the song in different ways. The song is a testament to the power and pain of love, and the hope and courage of the lovers.


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