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Gujarati To English Barakhadi 69.pdfgolkes

Gujarati To English Barakhadi 69.pdfgolkes

Barakhadi is a term that refers to the way of writing and pronouncing the consonants and vowels of a language. In Gujarati, barakhadi is a system of 12 letters that are combined with 16 vowels to form syllables. Each letter has a corresponding sound and a name that helps to identify it. For example, the letter ક (ka) is pronounced as /k/ and its name is કગડ (kagado), meaning paper.


Gujarati to English barakhadi is a useful tool for learning how to read and write Gujarati words in English. It can also help to improve the pronunciation and spelling of Gujarati words. Gujarati to English barakhadi can be found in various formats, such as books, charts, videos, and PDF files. One such PDF file is called "Gujarati To English Barakhadi 69.pdfgolkes", which is available for download online.

"Gujarati To English Barakhadi 69.pdfgolkes" is a PDF file that contains 69 pages of Gujarati to English barakhadi. Each page has a table that shows the 12 Gujarati letters and their combinations with the 16 vowels. The table also has the corresponding English transliteration and pronunciation of each syllable. For example, the first page has the following table:

Gujarati Letter

Gujarati Name

English Transliteration

English Pronunciation




કગડ આ


કગડ ઇ



"Gujarati To English Barakhadi 69.pdfgolkes" is a helpful resource for anyone who wants to learn Gujarati or improve their Gujarati skills. It can be used for self-study or as a supplement to other learning materials. It can also be printed or viewed on any device that supports PDF files. To download "Gujarati To English Barakhadi 69.pdfgolkes", you can visit [this link].


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