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Image Processing Software Option Fujitsu Serial

Image Processing Software Option for Fujitsu Scanners

If you are looking for a software solution to enhance the quality and speed of your scanned images, you may want to consider the Image Processing Software Option (S-IPC) for Fujitsu scanners. S-IPC is a software option that works with the FUJITSU TWAIN 32 and FUJITSU ISIS scanner drivers to perform advanced binarization processing on scanned images. Binarization is the process of converting a color or grayscale image into a black-and-white image, which can reduce the file size and improve the readability of text and graphics.

S-IPC offers several features and benefits for users who scan various types of documents, such as:


  • Simultaneous creation of color and monochrome images from one scan (TWAIN only). This feature allows you to create both color and monochrome images from one side of a document, while creating the opposite for the other side, from a single scan. This can save time and storage space, as well as meet different output requirements.

  • High quality image processing comparable to hardware solutions. S-IPC utilizes the Intel MMX (Multi Media Extension) technology to achieve high speed image processing that is similar to that provided by hardware devices, such as image scanners or scanner adapter boards. S-IPC can also process images generated by lower-end scanners and improve their quality.

  • Various monochrome processing applications for different document types. S-IPC supports different binarization methods, such as adaptive thresholding, error diffusion, and smoothing, to handle various document types, such as photographs, text, drawings, or mixed documents. S-IPC also allows you to create templates with customized settings that are suitable for processing images from different document types, which can simplify the scanning process.

  • Image-processing preview function to adjust scanned images. S-IPC enables you to view processed images before saving them, so that you can adjust the settings until you are satisfied with the results. You can also compare the original and processed images side by side to evaluate the quality.

To use S-IPC, you need to have a compatible Fujitsu scanner and a serial number / key code that is included in the package. You also need to install the FUJITSU TWAIN 32 or FUJITSU ISIS scanner driver before installing S-IPC. You can download the latest version of S-IPC from [Fujitsu's website] or [Ricoh's website], depending on your scanner model. You can also find more information about S-IPC in the [user's guide] that is available in PDF format.

S-IPC is a software option that can enhance your scanning experience and productivity by providing high quality and high speed image processing for various document types. If you are interested in trying out S-IPC, you can download a trial version from [Ricoh's website] and test it yourself.


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